How I can reduce a track Loudness from -7.5 Lufs to -14 Lufs to match youtube sound normalisation

Now I can reduce the output level to match -14 Lufs but I don't know if the method loses sound energy.

  • Of course you lose energy. That is the point of LUFs to stop the loudness problems. – edwina oliver Jan 24 at 20:15

Simply reduce the output gain by 6.5dB - that will get you from -7.5LUFS to -14LUFS. Job Done.

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  • Thanks Mark tha what a do but I was not sure that is the right way to do It – Farid Guellai Jan 23 at 21:17
  • All good mate - please accept the answer if your are happy with it. – Mark Jan 25 at 15:10

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