I've been using ABleton for years, but I'm really hitting a wall the last two years, as Superior Drummer 3 has come on the scene and I'm doing heavy duty midi editing for drum reconstruction on old tracks. I'm just so tired of Ableton's lame, and blindness-inducing midi editing environment. Is there a plug-in I can buy to fix this, as, otherwise, I am mostly OK with the software. I've heard nightmares about ProTools, don't like Reason's sequencer, Fruity Loops effects loop isn't to my liking, but it suquencer looks intriguing. I'm really angry that Ableton has not updated it's piano roll ever really. They just refuse to move on it.

It's like I need a VST just to edit midi properly inside of Live.

  • This is not a question, just a bit of a complaint/rant. – Rory Alsop Jan 17 at 13:37

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