I'm trying to buy an adapter from 3.5mm TRRS female to 3.5mm TS male. I've been searching Google Shopping and Amazon, and not finding anything.

  • Do I not know the right keywords? Can someone help me?
  • Does this adapter not exist?
  • Is this adapter unnecessary? Will it just work if you plug in a TRRS to a TS? I don't have the full hardware yet so I can't test.

EDIT: This is for an audio connection. Stereo+mic TRRS input plugged into a TS mono output.

  • Get the hardware first; check the pinout; decide which 2 component wires you wish to discard; make up your own cable. – Tetsujin Jan 6 at 20:31
  • 2
    What do you actually want to do here. You want to plug the TRRS into something to make it do something? What is it you want to do? – Mark Jan 7 at 2:37

What you're looking for is a 'TRRS female splitter'. Random example.

This splits the TRRS into a TS microphone connector and a TRS headphones connector.

If you want one of the headphones signals available on a mono connector, you need another splitter, these are known as airline headphones adapters. Random example.

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