I don't have much knowledge about this subject so bare with me.

I have a AT-2020 Microphone and a Behringer UM2 Audio Interface. I have direct monitor enabled and plug in my headphones to the audio interface.

I got on this morning and there was a constant buzzing/crackling noise, but it doesn't sound like a grounding issue, as I have had those before and was able to fix them, this does sound different. The noise is constant and my microphone does not come through at all. The noise happens even when my microphone is unplugged. When the XLR cable is completely unplugged from both devices, the noise is still very loud but it does sound different.

I'm thinking I just need to replace the interface with something better because I haven't heard great things about Behringer while researching a fix for this.

Here is a recording of the noise if that helps. https://vocaroo.com/btos1OpP55T

I'm out of options at this point but I don't want to buy a new interface if I do not have to

  • Did you try other methods of troubleshooting? Changing the usb cable, seeing what records if direct monitoring is off, did it used to work fine or has it been like this out of the box? – Timinycricket Dec 18 '19 at 1:42

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