So am needing software solution that will allow a radio presenter to replace incoming mic audio with a bleep sound or cut out the section of audio where a person swears on air.

We currently use the following software

  • voicemeeter banana
  • Sam Broadcaster pro

And an external mixer that the mics plug-in to which then connects to the pc.

Now in both voicemeeter and Sam Broadcaster we can set delay on mic input.

However in both cases we can't replace the audio with a sound.

In Sam Broadcaster we can turn mic on and turn mic off. Cutting out the section that the swearing happen.

With voicemeeter I would think that muting the channel that the audio is in with a delay would mean that we would again just have dead air and not a bleep sound.

So I am asking the question on here does anyone know how FM radio stations and TV station add that delay + bleep sound .

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An internet search will tell you what radio stations use. Keyword: “profanity delay

If you are only able to use your current set up I would suggest having a channel with no delay on it that plays the bleep sound effect you want and is the trigger for a ducker assigned to the incoming microphone channel that needs censoring, which can be done in VM banana; I believe.

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