enter image description here The speech has whistle-like noises. We can clearly see that the whistle-like noise looks different from other parts of the voice. I searched Google for removing hissing (I don't know the correct term for this type of noise), and a YouTube video said low-pass filter is the solution. But that did not work; It just made the whistle-like noise as if it coming over a telephone line. Is it possible to remove or reduce the noise?

If what I am saying is unclear, here is an example YouTube video for this type of noise. It is not the sound of the waves above, but shows the same type of noise.

PS: I have not tried this, but the method I thought of is like this. To me, the waves look almost the same before and after the noise. So, I could choose the last "normal" wave and repeat it over the noise interval, programmatically.

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A very High-Q notch EQ filter can do the trick, although I would probably recommend spectral cleaning to nail this. Izotope RX Advanced Spectral Cleaner is the way to go.


Free equivalent:

Tokyo Dawn Labs's "Nova" plugin is a combined Parametric EQ/Compressor. Set the EQ frequencies, with high/medium Q as per ear, to the whistle's fundamental frequency (and its harmonics or irritatics™) and then compress only those frequencies.

Possibly not the same result as spending £££, but might get you closer for zero £.

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