I tried to import a csv file into MS Excel exported from Adobe Audition but dont show the end time of the marker. Now I explain how I export the csv file from Audition :

  1. I select all list of markes into Audition
  2. Rigth click > Export markers selected
  3. Into "Markers export" windows I select "decimal (mm:ss:ddd)" into Time format
  4. I export saving a .csv file

    Adobe Audition Markers List

Adobe Audition Export csv windows

  1. I open MS Excel
  2. I open a new spreadsheet in MS Excel
  3. I select the first cell in the left-top corner of the spreadsheet
  4. I select "Data" on menu bar
  5. I select "From Text" into menu bar of MS Excel
  6. The explorer windows open and I select the csv file exported from Audition
  7. Into related windows open on MS Excel I select the option "Delimited" (Fields separated by comma or tabs)
  8. Origin file selected is 65001 : Unicode UTF-8
  9. I click Forward button
  10. I select tab into Delimiters option
  11. I click Forward button
  12. In data format for column i select "Genelat/Generic"
  13. I click End/Finish button
  14. I have the result as follow screenshot .

    Excel Screenshot

As you can see don't exist the End Time column. So I don't know really how to solve this problem.

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