What would cause Ableton Midi driven Audio recording Latency to be different across multiple synths?

I have a setup with my Edirol UA101 USB Audio interface sending Midi on channel 1 to a passive Midi Thru box to multiple synths and drum machines.

The audio is routed through an analog mixer (Boss Bx800) then into the Edirol inputs.

I have monitoring turned off in Ableton and do all the basics to eliminate latency and when I set the Driver error compensation to say 4.25ms the TR09 is on time when I record a clip in Live.

Another synth say the Ju06 or MS101 getting the same midi signal will require a driver error compensation of say -16.45ms to be on time.

Obviously figuring this out and changing the the timing for each synth is infuriating.

How can I get them all on the same page?

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