Was wondering what kind of mics are used the get the sound of the hits, skates, sticks etc. for the live broadcasts of pro hockey games. Like a couple dynamic or condenser mics setup around the rink?


At the AAC during Stars games they use a series of MKH 60s (including one mounted in the center scoreboard) and an array of crown PZM mics located on the glass every couple of panels.

  • Senators use the same basic setup at ScotiaBank Place... – Sonsey Nov 18 '10 at 17:20

Find this interesting text


  • that's.. kind of creepy. – VCProd Nov 18 '10 at 13:27

NHL standard is 10 Crown PLL160 mics around the rink. blue lines on both sides, red lines on both sides, and behind each goal. Some A1's spec two mics mounted a pane or two apart behind the goal for a bit of a stereo image. Add to that an x-y pair of short shotguns for crowd mounted up high in the arena and that's how most NHL broadcasts are mic'd


Usually shotgun microphone (super cardioid).

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