I have a Universal Audio Apollo Twin DUO, but the drivers seem to hate my desktop the more I use it (frequent buzzing/beeping/loss of audio), which requires frequent and annoying turn off/on repeatedly w/ random success of working without problems for periods.

I contacted UA support and they say that their devices don't work as well with AMD systems (Ryzen 1700X) and said I should basically use Intel hardware. Additionally, other threads on their forums have said there's an incompatibility w/ their hardware and WDM audio, which has been a problem since as early as 2017 w/ no fixes.

Fortunately, I have a MS Surface Pro laptop and wanted to see the most ideal way I can send audio while I'm doing music on Ableton Live 10 Suite on the laptop and send that audio to my desktop while streaming to Twitch/Mixer.

I've taken the Apollo Twin DUO off the desktop and will use it w/ the laptop and the desktop will be using a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen, which only has 2xTRS line outs.

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