I designed a circuit which would turn on LEDs with intensity of the music (music reactive LEDs). I tested this using a portable Chinese speaker and it worked amazing. This makes me think that the circuit design I used for this is not @ fault for what I'm about to mention, anyways here is the circuit. enter image description here

I take the 12V from the car battery. The J1 connector is where i hook up the audio connection(Left or Right and ground). Now as i need 2 AUX wires, one for this setup and the other for the audio system itself, i make use of this masterpiece, an AUX splitter. enter image description here The male part of this goes into my phone, two AUX cables are plugged into the female end, one going to the audio output, while the other goes to my circuit.

Now the problem: When i plug this whole setup in the car, and plug the AUX into the car stereo system (KENWOOD) the LEDs do not work the way they should, for example they do no catch the beat of the music. Or the LEDs would stay lit even if there is no music playing. However if i just take out the AUX from the car stereo system (KENWOOD) and plug it into a portable speaker(keeping the rest of the setup same), the LEDs work flawlessly.

Please help me on how to solve this issue. I am totally clueless on this. If you find the information incomplete, I'll be happy clarify.

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    This probably belongs on Electrical Engineering - it certainly doesn't fit Sound Design. – Tetsujin Aug 4 '19 at 8:35
  • agree. Get thee to elec eng. – Mark Aug 4 '19 at 9:29

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