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I am currently researching on musical instruments, particularly the Erhu and Shamisen, and have come into 2 interesting constructs. I have noticed that on the "drum" part of the instrument there are special carvings , supposedly to improve sound quality. I am not sure what it is referred as in the Erhu, but on Shamisen it is called ayasugi bori.

To me a layman, the Erhu one seems to make sense, I 'm a bit dubious on the Shamisen, but I would like to know do they actually improve column or sound quality of some sort?

The first image is the Erhu, and the second is the Shamisen

Erhu inside

Ayasugi Bori

  • I think your quickest way to an answer on this is to find someone who actually makes these instruments - they would be able to tell you immediately. – Mark Jul 25 at 3:48
  • I tried, but most people I've asked are very much fans of the traditional building method, they don't really have a solid base for indicating that it is better or why it is better they just say it does, and to me it sounds like a placebo. They see the groves are there so they may think it sounds better. – Ehesh Zoumi Jul 25 at 12:21
  • very good point. To be honest, the only rigorous way around this is to pay someone to build two of them - One with grooves and one without. Then test the living daylights out of them both until you can come to a solid conclusion. Then publish. – Mark Jul 25 at 12:46
  • I agree, someone with both and audio equipment to test them out – Ehesh Zoumi Jul 25 at 23:03

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