So my last pair of earbuds (Bragi, the only brand I've ever really used) finally broke on me, and I'm looking to step it up a bit in terms of quality because I realized I could probably do better, so I figured I'd ask you all for some help!

Budget: I'd like to stay under/around $200 if I can. I'm a bit flexible though.

Source: Samsung Galaxy S7, Dell Laptop, the Dell desktops at work

Requirements for Isolation: I'd like some isolation if possible. I'll be using these at work where it can get pretty noisy, outside on my walks to and from, and at home as well.

Will you be using this earbud in Public?: Yes!

Preferred Type of Headphone: IEMs

Preferred tonal balance: I like mid tones or would like a balanced pair, but I'm not that picky. I'll take ones with the boosted base if they fit everything else.

Past headphones: For earbuds, Bragi. They seemed fine to me but I realize I could do better in audio quality. I also have a pair of Sennheiser 598 Cs that I love with all my heart

Preferred Music: I usually listen to indie/alt music, so I like detail and midtones a lot.

Nothing I'm looking to improve specifically besides overall quality. I often wear my earbuds when sleeping so they need to be durable. I've been looking at the 1More Triple Driver as they've been the most recommended, but they're a bit above my budget. I'd be willing to stretch if they're really my best option, though. My friend suggests me, sony wf1000xm3, recently launches. I read a complete review but I cannot decide. I choose the Jabra elite 65t. Just suggest me which will be best or advice me.

  1. https://www.jabra.com/bluetooth-headsets/jabra-elite-65t
  2. https://bestwirelessbluetoothheadphones.com/audio/sony-wf-1000xm3-true-wireless-review/

Thanks for any help!

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