I am exporting a midi file from Logic Pro X. In Logic it is 3.48 minutes long at 117bpm When I import it into OnSong it is interpreted as 7:12 minutes long if I take the same midi file and add it to Ableton Live it 3:48. I have tried quantisation, changing to events which I read at Apple support The file contains a Program Change for each bar. And I have added a muted C3 note for each bar as well just to see if it made any difference. I use the midi file to control stage light. Each program change is a new scene. So not have the correct length makes it pretty unusable. I am am out of ideas.

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    I'd speak to the makers of OnSong - a midi file is an old, well-established format & Logic is certainly capable of saving one with all the correct flags; meaning OnSong [which I don't know at all] is potentially misinterpreting something. That Ableton can import it correctly would reinforce that possibility. – Tetsujin Jun 20 '19 at 17:16
  • Thx, I have rased the question at OnSong support, but no reply so far. – kgi111 Jun 21 '19 at 22:12

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