my earphones' right side has stopped working today. I kind of expected it was the wires, but it is not. I have placed the earphones on my desk while playing a video and when I came back to re-test them, the right side started working again for a few seconds then stopped again.

I have placed the earphones on top of each other again and noticed the magnets attracting them together. I have left them again on top of each other. A few minutes later the right side started working again, for a few seconds.

Am I right to assume that the magnets from one or both side is fixing the issue temporarily? If that is the case, can I permanently fix it?

Thanks for your time.

P.S. Note that I have jiggled and moved the wires to make sure the issue is not wire related. I have also placed the earphones on without moving an inch and when they stop, I hear a sound as if you turn an electronic device off (like a laptop).

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  • It's definitely an intermittent connection. As much as you believe it isn't - it's definitely an intermittent connection. The problem is nothing to do with the magnets. – Mark Jun 10 at 11:24

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