I’m a music producer with a handful of outboard gear, I like to play around on the synths making noises for a while. When I go to record, often I can’t recreate the sound or the way in which I want something to be played, or sometimes I forget the notes that I play. It would be great if I could record these sessions automatically.

I’m loooking for a device or software that could run in the background, enables me to turn up and have the session automatically recorded when triggered by a gate and stopped when I tell it to stop (or when the signal is below a threshold for a length of time or something). If it could save automatically with timestamps that’d be very useful.

I’m sure it could be developed with Max but it seems like such a simple thing that I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions first?

  • What signal do you mean? Remote controls are standard - have been around a long time, either wired, or through your phone etc – Rory Alsop Jun 11 '19 at 11:27

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