I'm looking the best option of DAW for a live perfomance. We commonly have several tracks (playbacks and click) which are routed to 4 different outputs.

We used to run Pro tools, where we could start a playback by marker, stop it after the song ended, choose a different marker with a keyboard shortcut, start a next song, and further on.

What I'm looking is an ability to enter a loop after a song is ended, and exit the loop with a keyboard shortcut.

This is how I imagine it. On the timeline from left to right I have "song 1", "loop 1", "song 2", "loop 3", and and so on. When "song 1" is finished, the DAW should start playing loop 1 (with some background noise, embient sounds, etc.) and it loops until I press some shortcut to exit the loop. When I do so, loop must stop after the current iteration, and song 2 should start playing. Then, after song 2 is ended, daw starts to loop over the "loop 2", and so on.

I couldn't find the way to do that in pro tools, so I'm trying to find an alternative. And maybe a bit more lightweight than pro tools of course.

Any ideas how can I achieve this scheme?

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