Is it possible for me to remove the post-echo that affects the lady's voice? Please see a 30-second example on SoundCloud.

Details This was a call made on WebEx. The post-echo affects the lady on the local end, but not the guy on the remote end of the call.

Can this post-echo problem be fixed at all? If so, how do I do it and with which tools? Can Audition or Izotope RX make a dent?

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    Straight up - this is not fixable. There is no software that will be able to do anything with this. RX De-Reverb only deals with reverb. What you have here is a classic bounce-back delay which is basically overwriting the main dialogue signal. Sorry to be such a negative Norman (apologies to Norman's out there), but in reality, this recording is truly .....ed . – Mark Mar 13 at 12:09
  • Thank you, Norman. I guess I'll just leave the dead horse be. – Osita Udechukwu Mar 14 at 15:40

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