I have a set of headphones (Superlux HD668B) that I've attached a mic to (ModMic 5). I am looking for a way to connect them wirelessly to the same (Windows 10) PC. How do I do connect both simultaneously without losing sound quality?

Possible subquestions: I understand a single Bluetooth connection won't do it, but is it possible to connect multiple Bluetooth transmitters (one for the headset, one for the mic)? If so, would I need multiple Bluetooth receivers for the same PC? Do wifi transmitters exist for this kind of problem? If I could connect all channels to something like a Raspberry Pi, could that do low latency bidirectional audio streaming to my PC?

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  • transmitter for modmic, receiver for PC. Receiver for headphones, transmitter for PC. Two bluetooth device pairs required. Ebay. – Mark Mar 10 at 4:37