I am a beginner audio editor. I want to know how can I make the below voice sample sounding good? Please share the best Audition/Audacity EQ, Normalize & Compression and other settings for making this audio sound great.

Thank you.

here is the sample voice - https://vocaroo.com/i/s1tqTXeGIcXY click the three dots to download that sample.

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  • Better to start with the mic closer to you, in a less-ambient room. There's far too much ambiance to really be able to do anything with that at all. Any compression will lift the ambience even more. – Tetsujin Feb 8 at 15:06
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    Hi Audioz - as Tetsujin said, you cannot do much with that sample once it has been recorded. But as far as "best" settings goes, there is no such thing - we all like different settings. – Rory Alsop Feb 10 at 18:26