I am currently working on a game, and I wanted to take on the challenge to record the sounds myself. I will need a lot of outdoor natural sounds, like flowing water, trees in wind or footsteps on dirt.

What would be the best microphone type I could use? From my research I’ve learned that Large Diaphragm Condenser microphone should be best because of their low noise. Would you agree with that?

Should I go for stereo?

And would you have any specific recommendations? I don’t have a lot of money and think I shouldn’t spend more than 100€.

Here is the one I’m considering to buy: https://www.lyxpro.com/products/lyxldc20-lyxpro-ldc-20-large-diaphragm-cardioid-condenser-studio-microphone-shockmount-foam-windscreen-case

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What is needed for recording outdoor sounds:

  • a high sensitivity low noise microphone
  • a windjammer, shock-mount, stand or boompole
  • a field recorder with low noise mic preamp

If you want to make stereo recordings (or record simultaneously several point of hearing), that's two microphones and accessories kits.

Unfortunately, buying this kind of gear for less than 100 € is currently not possible.

Large diaphragm microphones are not the most common choice for this task because they are usually not conceived to be put into a windjammer and a boompole. They might also be less resilient to outdoor conditions (temperature, humidity, ...).

You should also take into consideration that, depending on your location, finding a place to record natural outdoor sound without being subject to undesirable sounds (roads, trains, planes, human activity, animal activity, ...) might be challenging.

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    I’m fortunate to live very near to a few mountains. Background noise shouldn’t be a problem. What would be a sensitive low noise microphone?
    – Valentin
    Commented Jan 20, 2019 at 10:04

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