So I added a pitch shifter to my audio, making it a lot deeper. But when I listened to it the balance between the left and right channel weren't pan center anymore. The left and right was constantly changing, one moment the left would be louder, and then the right channel would be louder after that again. I'm new to adobe audition so I might be missing something basic, but I don't know why this is happening, or how I can change the voice channels to pan center.

Thanks in advance for the help


Panning shouldn't be a problem. Is the audio initially stereo or is it simply a mono track? Ensure that you start with a clean and blank project so that there is no possibility of any automation affecting the underlying track.


Pitch shifting left and right channel of a stereo signal separately is asking for trouble. If you are starting from a mono channel, do the pitch shift first and the stereo imaging afterwards. If you are starting from a stereo signal, try seeing whether you can find a stereo pitch shifter: two separate mono pitch shifters will do their splicing operations independently, leading to incoherent results.

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