When I first power up my permanent installed sound system I have a hiss in the main speakers that dissipates over time and eventually disappears after a couple hours. I believe the problem is in the amplifiers as I still get the hiss even when the console is not plugged in. I have also removed all patch points in the patch bay with no change. Has anyone else had this issue?

Thank You In Advance!

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    Your question, as stated, seems to require a yes or no answer. Can I suggest that you re-word the question in such a way that you elicit information that might be useful in helping you remedy the situation? – Mark Jan 10 at 3:01
  • @Mark while it wouldn't hurt to further clarify, I think the implied question is pretty obvious. They are looking for what the cause could be and if people have managed to figure out a solution. Nobody wants their PA to be buzzing. Feel free to make a suggested edit if you want to improve it to be more explicitly clear. – AJ Henderson Jan 12 at 2:00
  • As an aside, you may have better luck on this on the Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange site. My best guess is that you are right about the amplifiers. It's most likely something to do with the transformer coils in the amp and as they warm up the problem mitigates due to thermal expansion or something like that, but I'm not enough of an electrical engineer to be able to give it anything more than a rough guess. – AJ Henderson Jan 12 at 2:19

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