What's the name of the following effect, so that I can find out more about it: If we cut a song into small chunks (~50ms) and invert each one, our brain is still able to recognize the song instead of hearing a huge mess. I've just tried it in my DAW and it really works. We don't hear a perfect reconstruction, but it works.

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There is no name as such, but it would fall into the category of psychoacoustics.

  • Any idea how to google it? I can't remember where I heard that and I'm not finding anything. – Allan Felipe Dec 4 at 4:13
  • lmgtfy.com/?q=psychoacoustics :-) – Mark Dec 4 at 4:27
  • I mean, the effect in specifics, I was expecting a lmgfy, but maybe a more useful one. My google skills are not that bad :p – Allan Felipe Dec 4 at 4:52
  • If I run that search I get a load of interesting stuff from Fraunhofer institute and others - loads there – Rory Alsop yesterday

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