While recording a lecture, there are some pauses that are longer than 2 seconds or "ums" and "errs" that I would like to remove but have the sound continue recording. Purely to save time.

At the moment I am using Sound Forge 11 (Sony build)

Would there be another software that would allow me to do this?

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Audacity is a classic, freely available, open source DAW that should work for recording lectures. When I record podcasts, I'll occasionally want to pause mid-recording to collect my thoughts or look at notes. I use the 'p' keyboard shortcut to toggle pausing and continuing recording.

Alternately, you could record the entire lecture, and then use the build-in effects to remove silences. Effect > Truncate silence. The settings for that effect will allow you to set a threshold and choose whether to shorten to a fixed length for each silence, or compress the silence to speed things up. The documentation is very good.

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