I want to remove all these high waveform (there are about 8 in this 5 minutes track, which I bookmarked), because if I select all > effect > Amplify, It only amplify about 3.2 db, but if I exclude those high waveform, I'd be able to Amplify about 5.6, which is what I'm trying to achieve to the whole 5 minutes track.

Just a comparison of high waveform excluded vs included.

I'm working on a 1 hour track that contains about a hundred of high waveform. I think removing them one by one is not a good idea.

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One option is to apply a brickwall limiter with a threshold around -6 dBFS to the track. That should lower the higher audio peaks. You would then have room to apply a higher gain to the whole track.

Be aware that a limiter might produce undesirable artifacts, you should therefore test the limiter settings on a few peaks to fine tune the threshold before processing the whole track.

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