This is my first Stack Exchange post ! Hopefully I'm doing this right

Anyway -- My truck has a public address (PA) system that is used for volunteering for events at a nearby venue

PA System Model:

Lampus SoundAlert 100-watt

The PA system is installed and working, but the PTT mic functionality is not very loud. Does anyone have suggestions on how I could make it louder? Maybe I could attach a preamp to it? Open to any ideas and how you would implement them since I'm not experienced with sound or electrical systems. Since the sirens on the PA System are loud, I think the PTT functionality might just need an input boost, but there's probably many ways to address this

Also I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how they would hook up the "Radio" functionality to the car stereo. This feature is mentioned in the online docs for this PA system but I was wondering if anyone had further suggestions or ideas. Would be a nice-to-have feature, but not critical, especially if the hookup is challenging.

Anyway, thank you in advance !



The Amazon link for this PA system has the user documentation for the setup & wiring;

Thank again!

  • Can you qualify "not very loud" ? -- have you compared it to a same/similar system ? -- have you tried to contact the service department of the manufacturer ? -- can you describe the event where it is "not very loud" in regards to enviromental noise ? -- please update your question with more information. – Edwin van Mierlo Nov 8 at 7:57

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