I've already searched the forum but couldn't find a solution to my problem yet.

I'm currently working on an installation for a sound art festival and would like to make my body sounds audible, i.e. heart, lungs, swallow sounds etc.. I've been experimenting with a construction of stethoscopes and lavalier microphones for a while now and actually achieve quite good results. My main problem is that I get feedback problems and actually want to run the installation at a certain volume, which I just can't reach at the moment.

I am using these mics Movo LV8-C XLR Lavalier Kardioid Kondensator Mikrofon: Amazon.de: Elektronik Maybe you have some ideas what might solve the problem. Other microphones? Plugins?

I am running the Mics through Ableton Live via a Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre. Thanks and Greetings from Berlin

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You may want to look into something like this or this or other similar commercially available units since you need something that works in the range of human body sounds most "electronic stethoscopes" should suffice.


Your problem is that you are amplifying faint audio sounds that you are picking up with a sensitive audio device... So it will pick up the amplified sounds as well and lead you into feedback territory.

Two simple solutions for combating feedback:

  • EQ the feedback away - find out what frequency your feedback is on and ramp it down
  • Use lower gain - if you can place your mic or device closer to the source of sounds then you don't need to amplify so much which means lower likelihood of feedback

Is it possible for you to remove yourself further from the speakers? ie. Can you be in a separate room or behind a partition? Sometimes drummers will enclose themselves in a plexiglass booth, perhaps you could try something similar?

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