I am looking to buy some fairly reasonably priced (<£400) microphones, maybe lappel, for recording video interviews involving two individuals standing or sitting close-by.

The microphones should be good at dampening background noise, as some of these interviews may be in noisy environments.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks a lot!


  • If you're spending 400 quid on a mic, rent it first & test it. Sub 50 quid mics you can just buy & assume they'll be at best average, for £400 you want to try first. tbh in that price bracket I wouldn't look at anything other than DPA. The 4060 [& family] are about as good as it gets. – Tetsujin Oct 29 '18 at 19:32

No lavalier will be able to 'dampen' background noise. The only benefit of using a 'lavalier' is that it gets you closer to the source of the desired sound - increasing the overall signal to noise ratio.

"shotgun" (interference tube) microphones do 'reject' off axis sound in environments with low levels of early reflections however you'll probably get a better result and bang for buck with a good quality lavalier such as the COS 11D or the DPA dScreet: series.

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