Apologies in advance if this question is stupid, but I am a complete novice when it comes to sound so please bear with me.

Short of it is: I have a DJ controller (https://www.thedjshop.co.uk/pioneer-xdj-rx2-rekordbox-dj-system.html) that I normally have connected to a single speaker (Bower Wilkins A7) via a RCA-AUX cable. My question is how (if possible) I can connect the controller to 2x A7 speakers, to increase output.

Can I use a single RCA-AUX cable for each of the left and right, respectively, and connect 2x speakers of that type (BW A7)?

Alternatively, can I use the XLR connections and connect one XLR-AUX cable for each of the left/right into one A7 speaker each?

I assume some of the answers will be to buy new speakers, and that may well happen at some point, but at this moment this is the hardward I have so want to see what can be done with it.

Many thanks in advance, Nik


I have done this a number of times, although I'm not a DJ myself. The best way to do this, given your situation, would be to use your XLR-AUX cables. It's affordable and it works. Also, in my experience, RCA cables (in all manifestations) have a bit less clarity than XLR.

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