I'm recording Youtube videos and for audio using a Behringer C3 with a Shure X2U adapter for my PC (Dell Inspiron, running Windows 10). I use Camtasia for screen-casting and then editing the videos.

My issue is that, even with phantom power (+48V) the audio recorded is so low. It barely registers in terms of wave forms (even with the gain cranked way way up), which of course results in distortion.

My question: would a powered USB hub help? Is it possible that the mic is not getting sufficient power to have great quality audio?

Any other ideas would be appreciated!


  • There is a 3.5mm headphone output on the Shure X2U... did you check this ? Is the volume low on this output ? – Edwin van Mierlo Dec 5 '18 at 10:38

There's various options on the C3 - microphone pattern, Attenuation Pad. Check some basics:

  • make sure that the attenuation pad is off
  • make sure you are using the mic in "super-cardioid" or "omnidirectional" mode
  • make sure you are speaking into the correct part of the capsule.
  • Perform an elimination test - check the microphone with another cable and recording device or mixing desk.

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