I have a netbook (Acer Aspire One) with one "combo" jack which can be used only with a headset similar with a headset for a cellphone (has 3 parts, 2 channel R/L audio and 1 channel microphone).

I've searched from the internet, and found out that there is a splitter cable which at one end is a (3 parts) male jack (this one is going to be plugged in to that "combo" jack on the netbook) and at the other end is 2 female jacks :
(A) one for stereo audio out (headphone)
(B) one for microphone in.

I have a small mixer which has a composite female audio line-in and several audio line-out.
The line-in is used for something like a portable cd player.
The line-out can be used for a recording device and/or to the power amp.

The things that I want to achieve are :
1. from my netbook, record a group of people singing through some regular microphones (connected to the mixer)
2. from my netbook, playback that recorded audio through the mixer (connected to the power-amp).

My questions are :
1. Can I record from my netbook just by connecting the line out from the mixer to B ?
2. Can I playback from my netbook by connecting A to the RCA line-in on the mixer ?

Any kind of respond would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advanced.

Please forget my question, as yesterday I found out that the answer to both of my question is YES :).

So, yesterday I plug the Line Output (R+L) from the mixer with white-red RCA cable which at the end of the cable it has 3.5mm male-jack. I plug this 3.5 mm male-jack to a Microphone Line of the Jack Splitter and plug this Jack Splitter to my netbook. The recorded audio is a good quality mono, but it's OK to me although it's mono.

After the recording, I plug the white-red RCA cable to the Line Output from the mixer and plug the 3.5mm male-jack to a Headphone Line of the Jack Splitter, and all the singers can hear their singing in a good quality mono.

Thank you.

  • Can you update your question with the brand/type of the mixer you have ? maybe some info on the microphones/cables you are using, anything else you may share with us. – Edwin van Mierlo Oct 16 at 9:17
  • @EdwinvanMierlo, the mixer is not belong to me. But I will be able to know the brand and the type of the mixer the group use to sing. Thank you. – karma Oct 21 at 8:58

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