I'm currently using an Astro A40 Mixamp's stream port to supply all audio from my PS4 (game, party, mic) to the line-in on my PC.

I'm now looking to incorporate an XLR microphone that I can use on both my PS4, and my PC. I've been looking at the Behringer 502, however I'm unsure how the setup would work.

My current thought process is...

  1. Astro Mixamp receives party/game audio from PS4 via optical.
  2. Mixer line 1 receives XLR mic.
  3. Mixer line 2/3 receives Astro Mixamp stream port (only party/audio).
  4. Mixer USB outputs to PS4 (only mic).
  5. Mixer main outputs to line-in on PC (all audio)

Is this achievable? My assumption is the USB output would also include line 2/3 which would cause a feedback loop?

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