Currently we have one office that I run music through in this order Pandora-->PC-->amp-->speakers. Pretty simple. However, We've added a separate building 300' away that shares the same LAN. I'm trying to figure out a way to be able to stream music to both locations from one controller which is currently a PC but I'm open to a complete setup change. Any good way to make this happen? Thanks

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You can use something like Sonos. This is a simple way of creating a multiroom streaming service.

If you're a bit technical and think the Sonos is to expensive you can look into something like the HiFi Berry. This is much cheaper but requires a bit of work.


The solution I've come up with. I'm going to setup a PC-->amp-->speakers setup at both locations separately. I have several old recycled PC's so a cheap alternative here. Then I'm going to use the software AIRFOIL as a server on one PC and a client on the other. There's several other software's that can be used this is just the one I found. This allows me to sync sources, play separately, stream an intercom over both systems, and all kinds of flexibility.

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