Hopefully this is the correct StackExchange site for this sort of question, I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out.

I have a projector with RCA out which I have attached to a Bluetooth transmitter via an RCA to 3.5 jack, which in turn connects to a battery powered Bluetooth speaker (A Denon one if applicable). The problem is the volume, it so quiet. The projector has no volume control on the RCA out (as RCA is supposed to be plugged in to an Amp of some kind I have since learned). The Bluetooth transmitter also has no volume control on it. And if I turn the Denon up full, it is still really quiet.

Clearly I need to amplify the sound between the RCA and the Bluetooth transmitter, but I am not able to find anything takes in RCA or 3.5 plug, and then spits out either RCA or a 3.5 plug as well. All the mini amps I can find spit out left and right speaker cable to connect to speakers. Like this one on Amazon

So then I went looking for left/right speaker cable to RCA or 3.5 and couldn't find anything except high to low converters for splitting the base out for sub-woofers (in cars etc..)

I am in the UK which may be limiting my hardware choices?

The crux is, how do I amplify my RCA out, so it can still plug it in to my Bluetooth transmitter via 3.5 plug?

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    This isn’t the correct stack exchange for this question and the type of solution you are suggesting is not possible because of certain voltage level requirements. My recommendation is to plug your computer/DVD/Blu-ray player output into the BT transmitter instead of the projector output. – Timinycricket Sep 9 at 7:34
  • @Timinycricket Thanks, I had guessed as much from all the tumbleweeds around my question. Unfortunately the projector is playing a file from a USB stick plugged in to it, so the only sound available is from the projector. Guess I'll keep looking around. – superphonic Sep 10 at 8:27
  • try increasing the volume on the source device (that what is connecting to the projector) or as mentioned already: connect to the original audio source, not the projector. – Edwin van Mierlo Sep 11 at 7:50
  • @EdwinvanMierlo Thanks, but you may have missed my comment above, the original signal source is a USB stick plugged in to the projector. It has no audio out or volume adjustment. – superphonic Sep 11 at 8:48
  • @superphonic what is the brand/type of the projector ? – Edwin van Mierlo Sep 11 at 8:49

Based on the original question and the comments, I guess you need to change your approach.

  • You cannot control the volume on the source device, as this is just an USB-stick
  • You cannot control the playback volume due to lack of functionality in the projector
  • As the output signal is unknown it would be unwise to put a pre-amplifier or any other device between the projector and the bluetooth streamer. Unless much more investigation has been done in regards to output levels of the projector when playing back from USB-stick. This is a big unknown.

Given all these limitations your best bet is to connect a laptop to the projector, and do a playback from USB-stick on the laptop. The laptop will allow you to control volume for playback.

Alternatively you can look for a projector with the required features, such as playback volume control for USB-stick. My advice is not to buy online, but in a brick and mortar shop, where you can test your setup prior to purchase.

Good Luck.

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