I'm have a good grasp of basic synthesis but need to make some sounds synthetically quite quickly for a project, and am not sure where to start

It is a the cracking and creaking as a tree or large wooden object falls..

Any advice appreciated!


  • Why does it need to be synthesized? Can't you just go out and record some actual source? – Jay Jennings Aug 17 '18 at 21:43
  • Hi Jay. I'm trying to add some modernity to a record that is pretty much all live instruments. The thinking is that by a synthesizing all the effects that go with the video, it will add something 'stylised' and different. I had thought of taking samples and using digital filtering, vocoding and/or other manipulation. that would probably be a lot easier but not the same. – philthegreek Aug 17 '18 at 23:22
  • Sounds like a challenge - good luck. – Jay Jennings Aug 18 '18 at 0:04

Have a look at this:

Creating a synthesised rim shot-like sound is easy, now play with pitch and this "exponential rhythm" idea/technique. You should be on the good way.

  • Oh awesome!! that's a great idea... Thank you! – philthegreek Aug 21 '18 at 0:25

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