I am looking for a specific adapter that splits a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack into left/right mono WITH 2 RING CONNECTORS. I have two separate speakers (JBL Charge 3) and want to use one as left an the other as right, but they accept stereo-in AUX. All I have found on the Internet is splitters that split stereo to mono with a single ring connector. Problem is that since the speaker accepts stereo connector, one side of the speaker is grounded, which is not what I want.

Here is a diagram of what I want:

enter image description here

Here is a diagram of all adapters I can find:

enter image description here

Does that even exist? Am I understanding everything correctly? Are there some alternatives?

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    Did you actually try to connect the JBLs as shown in your second diagram and are you sure that they wouldn't just use both internal speakers to reproduce the mono signal? If you found that they don't play back mono inputs with both speakers, you probably won't get around incorporating a mixer into the setup. – S. R. Aug 7 at 8:50
  • @SteffenRummel I just tested with a mono cable and a side of the speaker is grounded. – sixtstorm1 Aug 7 at 18:12

You want to duplicate the signal on both the tip and ring of each speaker. So basically, Source Left (tip) gets wired to tip and ring on the left. Source Right (ring) gets wired to tip and ring on the right speaker. Sleeve on all connectors is Ground and therefore common.

Any local electronics store will have the parts you need to wire it up yourself.

I have solved my problem by using a 3.5mm to RCA splitter, then splitting each left/channel again with another RCA splitter (making 2 left channel RCAs, 2 right channel RCAs), then merging both RCA ends of the same channel with RCA to 3.5mm adapters.

This is what you are looking for (make sure to read the important note at end of this post though!):

Onvian 6.35mm Male to Dual 3.5mm Female 3 Pole TRS 1/4" to 1/8" Audio Adapter Convertor Y Splitter Cable


From the description:

✅1/4" 6.35mm Stereo Plug / Male to Dual 1/8" 3.5mm Stereo Jack / Female Splitter Adapter Cable 0.6 Feet (20cm) 6.35spf-2/3.5spm

✅Allow you to connect two headphones or sets of speakers (which use 3 Pole 3.5mm jacks) into a single output splits any 3 Pole 3.5 mm audio jack into two connections. splitter image

If your output needs a 3.5mm plug, then you may also need this:

3.5mm male Plug to 6.35mm female Stereo Jack Adaptor

https://smile.amazon.com/SiYear-adapter-Converter-Headphone-microphone/dp/B076ZM9GP9/ 1/4" TRS female to 1/8" TRS Male adaptor

Note: This will not make one speaker "Right" and the other speaker "Left" however. Each JBL Charge has two speakers in it, one left and one right, which is why each Charge wants a stereo signal. It is possible to make one JBL charge only receive the right signal and the other only the left signal, but it will require a more complicated setup.

I recommend just sending a stereo signal to each speaker (which the cable above will allow you to do) and see how it sounds, if it doesn't sound good then we can talk about the more complicated setup.

  • I already have that adapter that can already duplicate the signal without making a 'Right' and 'Left', yes it sounds good but still sounds mono, doesn't sound stereo good. I have two Charge 3 (left, right) and one Xtreme 2 (front) and want to hook them up as a home entertainment audio system. – sixtstorm1 Aug 7 at 18:16
  • This is not the cable that the OP requires. The wiring is different. This is a stock splitter cable. A stock splitter will NOT work. – Mark Aug 12 at 12:21

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