I m new to sound recording and I want to be able to record the following:

  • a digital piano (2 line outs)
  • condenser microphone

I m looking into the Safire 2i2 Are there enough inputs on this thing?

Or rather is there a way for the digital piano to use only one input instead of 2 line ins?

Do I need absolutely need an interface with more inputs or can I get away with a 2i2

Thanks and any help is appreciated!

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In a real pinch, you record your audio singing and Midi (rather than audio) from the piano. Then you make a second "multitrack" pass where you play back the Midi to the piano and record its sound with your 2-channel interface. And there you are: 3 or 4 tracks (depending on whether you record your singing mono or stereo) all of which have been recorded live. In a manner.

But this will get old eventually. An interface with a few additional line inputs will save you time and hassle over your recording career.


Most digital pianos/keyboards have the option of either mono or stereo out. What you'll loose by only having a mono signal depends on the model, but it might be worth a try. If you have two in, you then have one channel for each.

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