So i'm a designing a speaker system and im choosing between two midrange drivers: Tymphany TC9FD18-08 3-1/2" and Peerless SLS-85S25CP04-04 3-1/2" the frequency responses are 100 to 20,000hz and 70 to 6000hz respectively (The system will include a sub-woofer and tweeter). Does a shorter range frequency response like 70-6000hz produce better quality sound than a winder range frequency response speaker(100-20,000hz). thanks and also which speaker out of the two would produce better quality sound or any other 3.5/3 inch speakers the produce high quality sound(cost not important). Thanks everyone :)

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    Not necessarily. A top-class reference acoustic system has effectively wider passband than the cheapmost speaker, and even inside that latter's own band it probably performs better. You'll probably still need independent test results for a proper comparison. – bipll Jun 26 '18 at 14:06
  • (cost not important) for just under 1 million you can get these: https://www.higherfi.com/speakers/higherfi-audio-opulence – Edwin van Mierlo Jun 28 '18 at 10:11

A speaker designed for a shorter frequency range does not need to compromise the actually specified ranges for the sake of ranges you are not going to send to the speaker anyway. This particularly concerns directivity characteristics which are a principal motivation for multi-way speakers in the first place.

However, this is merely a potential advantage. The lower range speaker might just be using worse membrane materials. But then thinner membranes might also be more prone to partial vibration modes.

Use your ears, Babar.

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