I 've been requested to mix the audio for a short movie I worked in as sound recordist, nothing particularly challenging but considering it will be on the web and probably in some festival I run in this issue, what format do I have to deliver into? LR would be the more obvious on the web but if it is going to be in some theatre for a festival? My setup is stereo, I can just add a 3rd monitor and trying to make a 3.0 mix and encode it in Lt Rt? there is any way to encode lt rt with some plugin available or other apps like compressor?


I would suggest to deliver a 3.0 mix (possibly as a 5.1 with silence on surrounds and LFE) for the theaters and a 2.0 for web/broadcast.

LtRt doesn't seem to have any advantages today (if you want to deliver a 3.0 mix, use a 5.1 ac3 or aac encoded stream that most players will be able to downmix to 2.0 if needed.

  • thanks, I use commonly Apple Compressor that seems to be very useful for ac3 encoding. it gives the possibility to set the downmix, I have not tested it yet deeply but among his main set it doesn't offer the lt rt, it gives[! this feature only as downmix option. [ac3 setting windows on compressor preset][1]][1] [1]: i.stack.imgur.com/AMF2b.jpg – alidav May 6 '18 at 17:29
  • LtRt is not part of ac3 encoding. Even the LtRt downmix metadata seems useless in today's landscape. I would use 3.0 with LoRo downmix. – audionuma May 6 '18 at 18:48
  • I see you have similar answers on gearslutz gearslutz.com/board/post-production-forum/… – audionuma May 7 '18 at 20:56

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