I am looking for a good quality sounding field recorder that is not to expensive. I am in between the zoom H2n , sony pcm- m10, sony pcm-d50, or fostex f2-2le. I will also be getting a rode nt4 and rycote wind shield kit #4 Last thing, is the rode sm3 shockmount the right one to use in a zepplin with a rode nt4?

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    Please spend some time searching this site as there are many threads dedicated to this very question. Oct 28, 2010 at 18:27
  • As Jay said, spend some time searching, there are a bunch of threads on this topic.
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    Oct 28, 2010 at 18:39

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By H2n you mean the H4n, right? If so, then The H4n is pretty good for the money but a bit short on Battery power, especially if you are using phantom.

I have used both the H4n and the Fostex and my preference is more for the Fostex. I never really use onboard microphones, like the H4n, unless it is sheer gorilla recordings I need. If you are looking for more professional layout and preformance, I would use the Fostex.

I have also used in the past an older version of the Marantz PMD661 which I liked quite a bit. The battery life was a lot longer as it holds 4AAs.

In short: Fostex is my choice.

can't comment on the Sony ones


The Rode SM3 will fit with the NT4 but I'm not sure how the sm3 will fit to the zepplin. Have you seen the Rode Blimp this is designed for the NT4 and NTG series. BTW the NT4 is a great mic - mine goes with me almost everywhere :)

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