What is the power adapter for Sennheiser MKH 418S Stereo Mic? I've an adapter MZA 14, provided by the reseller, but it gives a mono output only. Is there any other adaptor recommended for the same Mic for stereo output?

  • I don't actually know the mic, but I've seen them advertised with a Y-cable & 2 MZAs. I'd have a word with the seller, for further clarification.
    – Tetsujin
    Feb 18 '18 at 9:19

418S does not have a power adapter. The mic presents a 5 pin XLR output. The pinout is as follows:

  • 1 Ground
  • 2,3 MID Balanced Signal (+/-)
  • 4,5 SIDE Balanced Signal (+/-)

Both microphone capsules in the 418s are condensor, and consequently they are powered by +48v Phantom power between the Ground and the Mid/Side signal connectors respectively.

  • Not necessarlily 48V phantom. Could be T power.
    – ghellquist
    Aug 14 '20 at 6:48

The 418 has been around a while in different versions. The current version is made for 48V phantom power. Older versions may be made for so called T power, a different way for power the circuits inside the microphone. Also the MZA14 is ( was ) available in different versions.

If your mic is marked with MKH 418S P48 it is the modern version with 48V phantom power. You then connect it to your ( modern ) standard mich preamp with a Y cable.

If your mic is not marked with P48 it is probably an older version requiring T power. There are different solutions for powering the mic then, one is the MZA14 version for T power. You will then need two of them, as they are mono, ans well as a Y-cable.

Good luck.

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