I am wanting to create a rack mounted PA system for use at a camp. I am wanting to build it to support 3-5 speakers, 4 wireless mics, and 2+ corded mics as well as having a aux port to play from a phone or computer.

What components would I need to get to build this and what product recommendations do you have? I currently have no equipment and need help to build this system. Thanks!

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There are a few things to consider before deciding what equipment you need because there are so many options; Such as, budget and how large of an area you need to cover with the system. You can buy portable rack mount cases from a few websites. You will also need to buy a mixing console with a number of inputs that matches or exceeds your mics/computer devices. It is pretty difficult to set you up here on the forum. I would recommend contacting professional audio suppplier such as Sweeetwater Sound. They have sales engineers that will be able to fully assist you and provide the equipment you need and try to work with your budget.

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