Can any of you help me identify this sound effect?


You help is strongly appreciated.


  • Identify in what way? It's all a bit vague & shows no research. – Tetsujin Jan 23 '18 at 10:37

It sounds like dust and scratches from a playing vinyl record. There are many plugins that can help you with that, for instance iZotope Vinyl which is free.

There is something else to it though: a filter-like movement, which could be a phaser effect or simply an EQ filter.


Impossible to say for sure, but my guess is a contact microphone on some form of, maybe plastic, getting cut up or sheared. Or having something dragged on it. If so, I take it this comes from something already mixed, as the voice is impossible to get that way.

Even more likely though - It might also just be a cellphone or small recorder being dragged on a concrete or asphalt surface. Sounds too full to be just a simple microphone. Where did you find it?


Sounds to me like someone cutting glass with a diamond-tipped hand tool.

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