How can you extract the audio file from an mp4 without re-encoding?

Mp4 videos are just containers that have video and audio.

In theory the audio file should be able to be extracted quickly in its original format with no quality loss.

Edit: Operating systems at my disposal are all versions of Windows and any popular versions of Linux.

How do you do this without using command prompt?


"Quickly" or "without using command prompt"? Batchable procedures tend to be the fastest for such purposes and they more often than not use the command prompt.

For example, by using the -codec:a copy -vn output options of ffmpeg will not reencode audio and not write any video.

The problem with "without using command prompt" then means a GUI specific program which are rarely cross-platform, and you don't bother specifying the platform you use.

While this amount of attention to detail often points to Windows users, Windows 10 has become so much of a complication for serious use, a lot of people stay with older Windows versions (which need specifying) or switch systems anyway.

  • I made an edit to my question. I should have mentioned what OS I had access to. – LateralTerminal Jan 22 '18 at 20:35
  • I'm aware command prompt is going to be the most common way to do a batch process. I'd still like to use a GUI. – LateralTerminal Jan 22 '18 at 20:36

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