Is there anyone out there who knows the instrument that was used to record this sound? (the dutch train station sound)

My guess is some sort of bell mechanism, but i can't quite say.

  • Knowing how long the sound has been in use might help. It's a 'synth' but which one is not an easy guess. – Tetsujin Jan 21 '18 at 18:39

It is the 'Bell' voice recorded from a polyphonic synthesizer or electronic keyboard. (The way the tones sustain do not support a natural bell sound hypothesis.) I have encountered this patch on Yamaha keyboards and on Korg keys as well.

  • Old enough to be analog, new enough to have velocity sensitivity. Can't really say much more. Could be a DX7 at a push, but I'd guess nothing newer than that. hard to tell whether it's ring mod or FM. – Tetsujin Jan 21 '18 at 18:37

The first two sounds are definitely made by the same thing, possibly a bell. The third could be a synthesiser or piano, or even electric organ.

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