I’ve recently started recording piano covers for Youtube. I use a USB and Audacity to record the audio. However, when I play it back on my computer it sounds more tinny or lower quality than my keyboard sounds. Can anyone suggest ways I can improve the quality? If you want to listen so you can understand more, here’s the link to a video,


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As the recording sounds perfectly "within acceptable parameters" on my studio monitors, maybe either your piano sound in the room is 'too fat' & you have just got used to how it sounds... or your computer speakers sound 'too thin'.

This is intentionally vague, because we can't actually hear either source in the same way you do.

If you are using a laptop, this is not in any way surprising.

An investment in at least basic external speakers would be the first step in a long road towards sonic quality.

  • This past Christmas I finally got reference monitors for my speakers, and as @Tetsujin states, it sounds like a very classic piano voice with it's full range. Notably, listening on my wife's laptop which has pretty good speakers, (read: non-generic but built in) it is still very "hollow" in comparison.
    – Vanzanz
    Jan 12, 2018 at 13:40

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