I was wondering what VST effect I should use in order to make my microphone sound like a PA system. I was listening to different ones and it seemed like the reverb is good to make it sound echoy, but not sure how to make it "lower quality" sounding.

Here is a video showcasing similar to what I want:


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A similar effect can be produced using an EQ alone. Boost the mids to the point that they are almost clipping and reduce the highs and lows. Many EQs come with a preset for this.

If you put a small amount of distortion before and after the EQ it will improve the effect.

A quick proof of concept in Logic Pro's pedal board. Signal flows from left to right.


Audioease Speakerphone is commonly used to easily achieve this type of effects.

  • Is there a free alternative?
    – spjy
    Jan 1, 2018 at 9:21

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