I'm experimenting with vocoders and I was wondering what are the best modulators for a vocoder ?

Does it have to have a lot of harmonics ? I don't know...I'm a newbie here. I use VSTi like Absynth and Massive but there are a lot of presets, wich one is better ? Wich kind of sound should I use ?

Wow i think my english is pretty bad here isn't it ? :D


There is no best. It is our differences that make us unique.

  • I totally agree! – Cvrgoje Nov 17 '10 at 16:48

It totally depends on what the desired outcome is... What sort of sound are you trying to make?


Traditionally the human voice, but the possibilities for sound design are endless

It doesnt have to have a lot of harmonics, i have got my best results by having a carrier signal that is rich in harmonics.

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