How do I connect from a Yamaha MG10xu to a single Bose L1 compact using a TRS cable? Asked another way, do I have to buy another Bose L1 compact to play music? My problem is I can only seem to get mono sound.

Isn't combining stereo into a single PA speaker a common use case?

From a Yamaha MG10xu, I get a good stereo signal (I can pan to test). Plugging the Bose into the headphone out gives a bad combination of the left and right signals.

A similar question was asked here, but not answered (the answer was mono output): a link

a MG10xu


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You can only use Channel-2 on the Bose L1 Compact, as Channel-1 is dedicated for Mic.

As page 10 and 11 of the manual suggests, you do need 2 units for stereo sound.

Asked another way, do I have to buy another Bose L1 compact to play music?

No, you can "play music" but it will be "mono" or "single channel". You can do this by following the answers already given in the same link you provided in your post. In short, you PAN all channels of your mixer to LEFT and use the LEFT output to the Bose L1 Compact Channel-2 input.


I bought a cable that has 2 TR on one end and 2 RCA on the other.

The 2 TR end of the cable goes into Stereo out on the mixer. The 2 RCA end of the cable goes to the Bose L1 RCA in. The L1 plays sound properly (but not in stereo).

No additional L1 needed. You can't use TRS cable I think, but you can get great sound out of the Bose L1.


No answer. My friend swapped his Mackie active system for an L1. It seems bizarre to produce a mono PA system these days. One problem (apart from not getting stereo "main") is that effects on compact mixers often rely on stereo pan. I just think this is a bad idea. The only way to make it work effectively is have a mixer that has a mono switch, but who wants a mono sound these days?

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